Technical Support – Friend or Foe?

Technical support for equipment and supplies purchased is one of the most important services we provide at Coastal Business Supplies, Inc. Given this fact, I began thinking about how customers feel when they are ‘passed/transferred’ to our Technical Support Team. We are very fortunate to have a wonderful Technical Support Team, but for many companies, they have lost sight of their service commitment to customers.  Even in our relatively small industry, technical support or assistance after the purchase can be lacking.  Continue reading “Technical Support – Friend or Foe?”

The Importance of Technical Support

When shopping around for starter kits, heat presses, transfers or more, you’ll run across a lot of companies that are willing to make a LOT of promises just to make the sale. Unfortunately, this means that when you finally receive your product and encounter any issues with it, you may be out of luck when it comes to technical support from the company you purchased it from.

Here at Coastal, we pride ourselves on offering exemplary technical support to our customers (and sometimes even other companies’ customers!) Whether it’s a simple question about the correct pressure to use when pressing a neck tie or something more difficult, like how to unclog a bulk sublimation system, we have an entire technical support team available from 8am through 6pm every weekday. You can reach us through the phone or through our live chat without delay. Continue reading “The Importance of Technical Support”

Breaking Down Industry Terminology

While on the phone with customers often they will ask me the meaning of a word I have chosen to describe a product or a property of the product. So I forwarded this idea onto my manager and, in turn, he asked everyone here at Coastal to think of words that are often used in conversations that might be unknown to the customer. And this is what everyone came up with!  I hope that this helps in breaking down some of the words used when talking about a product or process.

  • Auto Pop Up: This is a feature on a heat press that allows it to automatically open once the timer is done. When the timer goes off the heat press “pops” open allowing access to the item being pressed.
  • Bleed: Extending a printed image beyond the size of the intended product to ensure of the product will be completely covered by the transfer. Continue reading “Breaking Down Industry Terminology”