Get a Head-Start on Holiday Sales

xmasSure, it may just be September, but stores are already parading out their Christmas decorations ahead of Halloween candy and before you know it, the busiest time of the year will be here.


If your business operates anything like Coastal, you begin planning for your holiday rush months in advance. In the personalization industry, timing is everything. Many customers don’t start planning their gift giving soon enough to allow for anything more than a 2-3 day production time, despite the time and attention that personalized products might require. In order to help make your holiday sales more successful, we’ve compiled a list of important dates and products you’ll want to keep in mind as the season creeps up on us.



  1. Mobile Device Cases: It’s a given that someone is going to get a Kindle or iPad or new iPhone for the holidays. Make sure your customers realize how important (and easy) it is to make those gifts extra special by including personalized cases. Names, photos, quotes – these types of things make a great gift into an unforgettable gift. Plus, Coastal carries a HUGE variety of phone and tablet cases/covers (most are even sold individually), so you can easily make sure you have one or two of everything available so your customers don’t have extended wait times.
  2. Jewelry: Though television commercials will tell you that women want diamonds or pearls for special holidays, I would bet that most women would prefer accessories from the heart. A gift is going to mean that much more when it’s something that their loved one has actually put thought into instead of just picking up at the local jewelry store. Consider some of our newer jewelry options, like cuff bracelets, tear-drop earrings and necklaces, and even hair clips – these basic accessories become cherished mementos when personalized with photos, initials or more.
  3. Ornaments:  Everybody wants a personalized ornament. Whether it’s “Baby’s First Christmas,” “50th Wedding Anniversary” or a photo of a newly-wedded couple, ornaments commemorate the passing years and add to the sweet memories on Christmas trees everywhere. Help your customers build on these traditions with one of our dozens of types of ornaments to choose from.
  4. DTG: If you’ve been extra good this year, go ahead and give yourself the most-wanted gift – the Epson SureColor F2000 Direct to Garment printer.


Coastal also offers a Gift Guide to help you discover the best and most popular products for everyone on you (and your customer’s) list!

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Product Review Contest – Win a $25 Gift Certificate!

Technology is massive these days and it’s rare if anybody (myself included) purchases something online without reading a product review or observing the number of stars lit up next to a product. The opinion of those who have already product reviwepurchased the product you’re interested in are incredibly important. You can learn if that pair of jeans you want runs a size too small or if the really low-priced juicer is an incredible steal.

Coastal has always offered reviews and ratings on our website but we’ve recently changed our product review policy. We now offer a $25 gift certificate for a randomly-chosen reviewer EVERY MONTH. It’s easy! Log into your online account at, choose the product that you’ve used and would like to review, and click the link that says “add a review”!

Whether you have something positive or negative to say about our products, your product review can offer much-needed advice to potential customers. Not only are you helping others determine if a product is the right fit for their job, but you’re putting yourself in the running for a $25 gift certificate for every month that you submit a review! Learn more about our product review policy!

Sublimating Mug Issues? Here’s Help!

troubleshooting_mug We recently received a technical support inquiry into troubleshooting bad results when sublimating mugs. Our customer was getting faded, blurry images and we obviously worked with them individually to get their mugs looking beautiful and vibrant. So, what do YOU do if you start getting less than desirable outcomes? Continue reading “Sublimating Mug Issues? Here’s Help!”