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“Light Fabrics” vs. “Dark Fabrics”- Heat Transfer Paper 101

Heat transfer paper has become a popular garment decorating method for many hobby and commercial businesses and a lot of people who are getting into doing transfers may notice that papers generally fall into two categories: for light fabrics and for dark fabrics.  It is important to understand the difference between the papers as well as which color shirts are actually considered light and dark, especially when it comes to the different color shades and tone.

Light fabrics include: white, light grey, heather grey, and pale color shades.

white fabric light grey

light blue pale yellow

Dark fabrics include: brighter and saturated colors, dark grey, black

medium blue red

dark grey black

There is a grey area of some colored fabrics that can be considered either category by some, such as bright neon colors or certain pastels which allow for a very dark or black design to be transferred well by using paper for light fabrics.

So what is the real difference between these papers? Papers for light fabrics are very thin and the white of the paper tends to transfer as an almost transparent layer that blends nicely into the shirt. Since the transfer is so thin, it partially relies on the white of the fabric to make the design look more opaque. If the fabric is a darker color, for example a bright red, the design in general will be tainted red because of the base color of the shirt. For that reason, papers for dark fabrics were made thicker and much  more opaque in order to avoid the fabric color showing through. These papers transfer the white of the paper as an opaque sheet, which is why the design has to be trimmed down or any white leftover will transfer solid white and will not blend in with the shirt. Dark fabric papers tend to have a feel similar to a sticker or vinyl onto the shirt vs. papers for light fabrics that feel more like a screen print and takes on the texture of the fabric.

Another difference, most seen in papers for inkjet printers, is the way the paper is applied onto the shirt. Papers for lights are pressed face down on the garment and then the backing is peeled off immediately after pressing (hot peel). It is a less time consuming process since you can trim close to the design but it doesn’t have to be exact to the edge. Papers for darks are trimmed or cut with a vinyl cutter so any excess background can be removed, and then the design is peeled off the backing and placed face up on the shirt, then pressed with a protective sheet on top such as silicone or Teflon. Once the pressing time elapses, the design has to be in most cases cooled off before removing the protective sheet of your choice (cold peel).

We tested Jet Pro SofStretch for lights and 3G Jet Opaque for darks on white and black fabrics and here are the results:

jetpro-light jetpro-dark

3G-light 3G-dark

As the photos show, Jet Pro SofStretch transfers are almost transparent and take on the color of the fabric which is why papers for light fabrics generally do not work on darker or colored fabrics. Additionally, because Jet Pro paper is so thin, you can see a loss of vibrancy as the paper can only take a certain amount of ink saturation which is compensated by the softness of the transfer. 3G Jet Opaque and other papers for dark fabrics however are completely opaque and the white of the design comes entirely from the white of the paper with no see through. For that reason, the colors also pop more but the feel of the transfer is much thicker and feels similar to a thin sticker on top of the fabric. Most people with white or very light garments prefer the screen printed feel over the thicker feel, but papers for dark fabrics are definitely compatible with all colors.

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Dec 29

FOREVER Flex Soft – Laser Heat Transfer Paper – Silver Metallic

FOREVER Flex-Soft is a revolutionary new way of printing self-weeding designs with just black toner, easily, without any need for a vinyl cutter or plotter! This two-paper system uses a colored foil transparency-like sheet (printable) that is combined with a B-paper for adhesion, for transferring one-color designs easily and quickly. Plus, the use of the printable Flex Soft allows for a far greater detail possiblities than with cuttable heat transfer vinyl materials!

The FOREVER Flex-Soft heat transfer paper can be pressed onto not only just t-shirts, but a wide range of fabric goods made of cotton, polyester, spandex, nylon, etc, as well as hard surface substrates and gifts made such as paper, wood, polypropylene and more! Due to its low application temperature and bright, opaque colors, this paper is great for a wide variety of usages!

  • Prints in silver metallic only with no background, and is also available in White and Metallic Gold
  • Can be applied to white/dark t-shirts of any color. Can be applied to cotton, polyester, nylon, and more! Test other fabrics before production.
  • Can also be pressed to wood, paper, ceramic, polypropylene, and other “hard surface” items
  • Compatible with OKI printer models: C831TS, and 920WT *
    Not compatible with C711WT. 
  • Self-weeding heat transfer paper
  • Each pack contains: 100 printable A-Foil (in Silver Metallic) sheets, 100 (non-printable) B-sheets

What Can I Print?

  • Single-color designs and art in silver metallic – full color printing is not possible
  • Dark and colored garment fabrics
  • White or light colored t-shirts
  • 100% cotton, 100% polyester, and cotton/poly blends
  • Some nylon, spandex, synthetic fabrics
  • Some hard surface items like paper, chalkboard, wood, etc.
  • Mousepads, can coolies, tote baags, or other promotional products

Available in size 11 x 17 in. , 100 sheets per pack.

To learn more or purchase, click here.

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Dec 29

Virtuoso VJ628 Dye-Sublimation Printer – Dual CMYK with SubliJet-HD Inks

Meet the Sawgrass VJ628, the Virtuoso 24″ HD dye-sublimation decorating system that is the industry’s first fully-supported and integrated sublimation printing solution of its size range. Plus, coming soon in January 2016, a revolutionary 8-color system for unparalleled color capabilities in printing!

Utilizing a best-in-class print engine, sublimation ink set, software, and support, this 8-color system is designed for high-volume, high-definition printing — and is built to last, even in the most demanding production environments. Imagine brighter, higher-definition images, with unsurpassed efficiency, ease-of-use, support AND lower imaging costs. The Virtuoso 24″ VJ 628 is ideal for photography, fine art, signs, and high-volume customization and personalization.

Virtuoso VJ628 Printer Features

  • Full bleed printing on 24″ products with up to 1440 x 1440 resolution.
  • Engineered and manufactured in Japan by Mutoh, with an industrial-grade printhead and i2 print technology that virtually eliminates banding.
  • Dual CMYK and 8-color ink configurations deliver the highest resolution prints possible for dazzling, photo-quality reproduction.

Color Management and Support Solutions Included

Enjoy enhanced free printer software for Windows platforms, with unique and functional color output settings optimized for sublimation production.

  • PowerDriver v4 for Windows OS
    Works with desktop graphic design programs – such as Adobe products and CorelDRAW – applying color and print management for optimized printing with SubliJet-HD inks and sublimation substrates.
  • WinProfile for Wasatch RIPs
    Delivers rich, vibrant color across a wide variety of image types through printers.
  • Creative Studio CS Print and Color Manager Online Designer Tool
    Designed specifically to enable the VJ 628 to print graphics created in CreativeStudio Online Designer.
  • Total system support for your printer, ink and software – all in one place!
  • Real-time support online or over the phone.

To learn more or to purchase, click here.

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