Oct 25

What Is a RIP And Why Do I Need It?

What is a RIP Software Program? The abbreviation RIP stands for Raster Image Processing. The RIP Software converts your digital image created in a graphics software (CorelDraw, Illustration, Photoshop) to a ready-to-print file with the most ideal resolution for inkjet printing. The ripped image can now go from your PC to your wide format printer. Desktop …

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Oct 20

How to Sublimate Name Badges

Looking for a new market to integrate a familiar product? Take a glance at places you shop: your local eateries, offices or even travel. Each has at least one thing in common… name badges! How would we put a name to the face of our friendly staff or wait service without them? You may ask yourself …

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Sep 06

5 Ways to Use a Decorated Mug

Mugs are one of the top holiday purchases. Who doesn’t want a customized mug? Mugs can be used for everyday use, to save as a keepsake, put a variety of items in to showcase (flowers, writing utensils, home goods, etc. ), and to give as a gift with an added special gift inside. Another great …

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