Section 179 Deduction Tax Code

What is the Section 179 Deduction?

The Section 179 deduction was a tax code created to encourage businesses to buy equipment and invest in themselves. Typically, when your business buys certain items of equipment, it gets to write them off a little at a time through “depreciation” – it spreads the total deduction out across the “useful” years of the equipment. A bit complicated, and certainly not as appealing as deducting the amount all together.

However, Section 179 allows businesses to deduct the full purchase price of qualifying equipment and/or software purchased or financed during that specific tax year. All businesses that purchase, finance, and/or lease equipment valued at less than $2,000,000 in new or used business equipment during  the tax year of 2016 should qualify for the Section 179 deduction.

What items qualify?

Most any “tangible good” for primarily business use should qualify – though there are restrictions on certain things such as vehicles purchased for business use. Also, a necessary requirement for the tax 179 deduction code to apply, the equipment must be placed “into service” during the 2016 tax year – so ideally, any large equipment purchases that may require special delivery or installation should be placed ahead of time to allow for the equipment to be in service within the tax year window as well.

For a full list of qualifying equipment and restrictions, this list is a great resource for more information.

How much could Section 179 save me?

The Section 179 deduction can have a real impact on your small business, and greatly lower the “true” cost of your new equipment. On the website, there is a very convenient and easy-to-use calculator that gives you a peek at what those savings could be. Click here to enter your own potential purchase amounts to see how much Section 179 could save you this year!


Epson F6200

Epson F7200

Epson F9200

Equipment Cost: $8,495

Equipment Cost: $15,995

Equipment Cost: $25,995

First Year Deduction: $8,495

First Year Deduction: $15,995

First Year Deduction: $25,995

Cash Savings: $2,973.25
(assuming a 35% tax bracket)

Cash Savings: $5,598.25
(assuming a 35% tax bracket)

Cash Savings: $9,098.25
(assuming a 35% tax bracket)

Lowered Cost of Equipment:


(after Tax Savings)

Lowered Cost of Equipment:


(after Tax Savings)

Lowered Cost of Equipment:


(after Tax Savings)

10 Best Mates for Your Next Wedding Event

Looking for the best gifts to bring along as your +2 for your next summer wedding? We have the perfect tips on wedding market ideas and inspiration, plus some exclusive resources from our manufacturing partner,, to get you started!

Heart Coaster with Cork Backing

Heart Coaster with Cork Backing

Cost of coaster: $1.31-$1.71

Resale value: $5.00-10.00+

Prepare a monogram set for the new family, complete with engagement portraits, on these perfectly themed heart-shaped coasters. The coasters are MDF hardboard with an absorbent cork backing, and a glossy top sublimation coated surface for high-resolution printing.




Sublimation Foldable Can Coozie with Seams – 12 oz

Sublimation Fabric Coozie - 12 oz
Sublimation Fabric Coozie – 12 oz

Cost of coozie (each): $0.99-$1.23

Resale value: $7.00-13.00+

Themed coozies make the perfect bridal party and reception favors for the laid-back, casual wedding couple! Easy to customize in large quantities, and undeniably fun and functional, coozies make the perfect “why not?” touch to every event!






Two-Sided Aluminum Keychain – 2.25″ Square

Two-Sided Aluminum Keychain – Square Aluminum – 2.25″ x 2.25″

Cost of keychain (each): $1.29-$1.99

Resale value: $6.00-10.00+

Unlock the potential of simple personalized keychains and capitalize on the monogram market with the double-sided aluminum keychain! A durable, inexpensive, and easy product to work with, the keychain is the perfect upsell accessory for a personalization boutique.







Two-Sided Sublimation Bag Tag for Luggage

Two-Sided Sublimation Bag Tag for Luggage
Two-Sided Sublimation Bag Tag for Luggage

Cost of luggage tag (each): $1.38

Resale value: $7.00-13.00+

For destination weddings, bridal parties, and honeymoons, the bag tag is the quintessential opportunity for an eyecatching extra touch! Easily functional items like bag tags and keychains are not only an opportunity for a simple upsell or package set offering, but they are just as head turning for your customer, which keeps the word of mouth moving!






Soft Luggage Handle Wraps with Velcro

Soft Luggage Handle Wraps with Velcro
Soft Luggage Handle Wraps with Velcro

Cost of luggage handle wrap (each pair): $2.33

Resale value: $10.00-15.00+

Offer a fully matching luggage accessory set for larger orders with the soft luggage handle wraps! These super-soft handle wraps are the finishing touch to travel in style, and cushion the strain of jet lag and heavy baggage!






Large Natural Serving Tray Kit

Natural Serving Tray Kit
Natural Serving Tray Kit

Cost of natural serving tray kit (each): $27.26

Resale value: $40.00-$60.00

Make sure this luxurious natural serving tray kit makes its way to the gift table! The handy tray bottom insert is easily imprinted, and then the entire tray assembles quickly for an impressive product that at first glance, doesn’t even seem printable! Available in two sizes, as well as a natural wood or espresso grain finish, the serving tray kit is perfectly paired with customized coasters and mugs, too!






Creative Border Ornament – Two-Sided (Benelux Design)

Keepsake Two-Sided Ornament - Benelux Design
Keepsake Two-Sided Ornament – Benelux Design

Cost of ornament (each): $2.52-3.10

Resale value: $7.50-12.00+

Creative Border ornament pieces aren’t just for Christmas – they also make extra-classy labels, place markers, give-away keepsakes, and alternative photo display opportunities! Creative Border ornaments have a polished semi-gloss printable sublimation surface that is two-side customizable, and are made of a strong and light finished aluminum.





Plastic Door Hanger – 4″ x 9″

Sublimation Plastic Printable Door Hanger
Sublimation Plastic Printable Door Hanger

Cost of door hanger (each): $3.47-4.50

Resale value: $7.50-12.00+

Whip up a gag bridal gift, or a fun touch to a group in a destination wedding with a custom printed door hanger! The plastic door hangers are double-sided printable and composed of a durable, glossy plastic substrate.

Bonus idea: For the ultimate fashionista who’s also incredibly organized, trendy printed door hangers also make great clothes rack label/separators!








Plastic Heart Sublimation Magnet

Plastic Heart Sublimation Magnet

Cost of magnet (each): $1.04-2.59

Resale value: $5.00-7.50+

Create a lasting impression with customized printed save-the-dates on easy promotional items like magnets! These glossy sublimation plastic substrates come complete with self-adhesive magnet backings, and can be full-color printed with photos, wedding information, and more easily with sublimation!







Sublimation Hardboard Jigsaw Puzzle – Heart – 23 pieces

Hardboard Sublimation Heart Jigsaw PuzzleCost of puzzle (each): $7.52-9.48

Resale value: $15.00-25.00+

This upscale twist on the classic jigsaw puzzle offers some unique personalization opportunities! The hardboard surface has a glossy white sublimation printable coating, and also features fun nested ‘heart’ pieces within the 23 piece set. They make a fun party favor for the kid’s table at the reception!

How to Reach Memorial Product Markets

SB5827The memorial product segment is a rapidly growing segment in the sublimation portion of our industry. It is also a bit of a touchy segment and has different pitfalls and challenges. When I starting to think about this article I internally found some very difficult things to overcome when it came to profiting as a business off of this segment. But after thinking and researching, I have come to the conclusion that if done correctly this segment can and should be a winning proposition for all involved. You can also even help ease some of the pain of losing a loved one by providing a memorial product for the grieving to cherish for years to come.


Let’s start by exploring what the market is and where you might be able to find some of this type of work. This market to me can be boiled down to one easy description – the creation and personalization of items that commemorate the life of someone who was special to someone living. With sublimation, these can be items like photo slates, plaques, crystals or even imprinted polyester inserts for the inside of a casket. I have also seen an increase in people sublimating pillow cases with loved ones pictures on them, especially in the fallen solider community. Having a memory item like a pillow case for a child of a lost mother or father can help them sleep at night and feel some comfort in a very difficult time. Due to the ink actually becoming part of the pillow case with the sublimation process, there is no rough feeling and the pillow case is as comfortable as a pillow case that is not decorated. Other decorating like “In Memory Of…” sublimated shirts with a picture of the deceased are also common in this market. We are even beginning to see the creation of grave markers with sublimation as well as urns and vessels. Also the memorial product market is not limited to only humans, there is also a need to memorialize animals that have been lost as well.


Now that we have defined the market, let’s discuss how to get to this market place. The first place to look is the industry that specializes in helping people with loved ones passing, including businesses like funeral homes and crematories. Reach out to them and find out how you can help with their memorialization programs. Show them examples of the products, help them with templates and make it very easy for them to offer these services to their customers. Once you have sold them on the idea of offering these services to their clients, help them develop the marketing materials with information about the longevity of the memorial piece, the vibrancy and other positive strong attributes of the product. In a time of loss people are looking for strength and brightness to help them with the grieving process. The end user also needs something “easy” due to the mass of other things they are dealing with during their loss.


Another example of where memorial products can be needed is in higher crime areas. I moved to St. Louis 4 years ago, and unfortunately outside of the beauty and wonderful small town feel there are, like many larger cities, several communities that deal with major social economic struggles in an around St. Louis. In turn they also deal with high crime rates. St. Louis regularly competes with Detroit for the highest murder rate and that can be very devastating. The people who have lost love ones need to be able to memorialize their loss and in turn let the community know the loss is not forgot to continue the healing and process of making changes. Due to economic factors, these families have less resources to purchase high end memorial pieces, but they certainly can afford to express their love and share a memory of a lost loved one with a T-shirt. By offering sublimated digital garments, you are able to offer short runs of full color memorial shirts or even socks or stocking caps. The key is full color and that lasting impression and memory of their loved one. Right in St. Louis we have several enterprising decorators that cater to this market all while giving back to their community and trying to make it a better place to live.


As I previously mentioned, human loss is not the only market for these products. Dogs, cats and other animals are part of the family almost as much as a brothers, sisters, uncles or aunts. Due to a shorter life span than humans we have to deal with these losses more frequently and again having a loving and lasting memory imprinted on something like a plaque or even urn can help with the healing process. There are many online communities for animal lovers you could reach out to as well as your local animal hospitals and veterinarians.


Now that we have covered what the market is and how to get into it, let’s deal with the moral questions that come up when talking about these type of products. The sublimation market has a lot of very unique properties that can set it apart from other decorating methods. First of all there is very little set-up and front-end costs that the end user might not understand so you are able to create short run products without a need to charge set-up fees. This reduces the tension points for the grieving parties. Secondly, due to the durability and vibrant nature of the products being created the value of those product are very high compared to the cost of creating those products. This means that there is plenty of profit margin in these products to be able to give back. Portions of the proceeds can be donated back to causes and charities that can also help the grieving parties dealing with the loss by supporting cause near to them. These are all positive things for the people involved and that positive energy is needed to help with grieving. As I mentioned earlier, many of these products not only memorialize the deceased, but can act as a symbol of strength, vibrancy and hope. Having that bright vibrant durable image of their lost mother or father that they can touch and squeeze can give them some happy reminders and strength to move forward.


As I said, I was very challenged in writing this piece as you might be challenged in getting into this market place, but I truly believe that this market is a worthwhile area for your sublimation business and if done for the right reasons and with the right goals in mind can also help those dealing with a loss.


Lastly I wanted to cover a few nuts and bolts that should make venturing into this market a little easier for you. Be prepared to make the ordering process as easy as possible for both your direct customer and for the end user. Factor in a little extra for additional art manipulation without having to charge extra for that manipulation. Be prepared to get low resolution art and make it very easy for the end user to get artwork to you. You might even need to go so far as to be ready to scan something in from a printed photo. Also be very lenient with the customer and end user on last minute changes and potential mistakes. Factor this in to your pricing to cover yourself as this time is a very stressful time for these people. They might not be able to focus on reading a proof or double checking spelling. You need to do as much leg work on your end as possible and be as accommodating as possible which in the end will make working in this marketplace a positive experience.