Is Your Sales Strategy Proactive or Reactive?

by Jimmy Lamb of Sawgrass Ink

Do you wait for customers to contact you or do you go find them? Many B2B sales organizations in retail locations make the mistake having a sales strategy of waiting on new business to walk through the door (reactive strategy), rather than pursing opportunities outside their walls (proactive strategy).

Getting your “feet on the street” can yield significant gains in sales revenue as it greatly expands your marketing reach with very little investment. One of the most successful strategies is to incorporate promotional products into your menu of printed media products in order to satisfy a wider range of needs for your prospective clients. Continue reading “Is Your Sales Strategy Proactive or Reactive?”

Fundraising – The Key To The School Market Door

Nothing gets the attention of a school organization like the word FUNDRAISER. It’s one of the top priorities in this age of budget cuts and financial trimming.

PTA, Athletic Boosters, Band Boosters, and Academic Boosters are just a few of the many groups that actively participate in raising funds to support the schools and student activities. You can easily target them with an exciting program that allows them to sell customized and personalized products with a decent margin for them and you, something that is uniquely different than most of the stale, tired out programs they are dealing with currently.

In general, there are two solid approaches for Digital Decorators: Spirit Products and Kids Artwork. Continue reading “Fundraising – The Key To The School Market Door”

Can you Believe the Hype?

With the mass of information that we all receive in today’s world, from social media, TV, radio, newspaper, etc., do you find it harder and harder to figure out what is real and what is hype? I know I do. With all the media’s competing for your attention each outlet has to do something to attract you. It seems the number one tool they use it to add some hype or sensationalism. Continue reading “Can you Believe the Hype?”