5 Ways to Use a Decorated Mug

Mugs are one of the top holiday purchases. Who doesn’t want a customized mug? Mugs can be used for everyday use, to save as a keepsake, put a variety of items in to showcase (flowers, writing utensils, home goods, etc. ), and to give as a gift with an added special gift inside. Another great bonus if you are transferring with sublimation is that your image will never fade, even when you wash it over and over again.

We have a few styles to choose from that are fully sublimatable in a mug press or with a mug wrap for oven use.

11oz/15oz Ceramic Mugs
12oz/17oz Ceramic Latte Mugs
Multicolor Ceramic Mugs
Glass Mugs
Color Changing Mugs
plastic mug
Plastic Mugs
metallic mugs
Metallic Ceramic Mugs











1. Personal drinkware

Mugs are perfect for coffee, tea, water, juice and even food items such as cereal or yogurt when a bowl is not available. Add some fun quotes, photographs and graphics to make it your own!




2. Personalized gift

A mug with the receiver’s name or image that means a lot to them is simple but thoughtful.



3. As holders for flowers, pens, home goods, etc.

Mugs are not limited to just liquid. They can be used in more unconventional ways as pen holders and flower vases among other things.



4. Give a gift inside a mug

Instead of using a gift box or a bag for a small gift, get creative with a ceramic or a glass mug to use as clever packaging for presents like gift cards, chocolates, candy, jewelry and other small items. Once the gift has served its purpose, the recipient gets to keep a mug that can be re-used as drinkwear or pen holder.



5. Commemorate an event

Highlight an event or a moment with a special keepsake.  Add an extra spin to birthdays, weddings, graduation and more by personalizing mugs that can be taken home and serve as a reminder of the good times!






How To Press Our Photo Plaques

Our MDF sublimation photo plaques are incredibly popular, especially with photography and awards, but some questions do arise with the nature of the material and shape. Below is a step by step guide on how to press a 5″ x 7″ in plaque with black edge.

step1 - Copy



Set up your work space. Size your design by using one of our templates or by simply making sure it is a little bigger than 5″ x 7″ and print it out on sublimation paper. Make sure you have thermal tape ready as that will be the best way to attach your paper to the photo plaque and avoid shifting.







Step 2

Peel away the plastic film from the photo plaque. That will reveal your beautiful glossy sublimation surface.

These plaques are made of medium density fiberboard, therefore hold A LOT of moisture. We strongly advise pre-pressing them to eliminate as much  moisture as possible.

To do that, place your plaque in your press face up and add a cover sheet on top (copy paper, silicone sheet or polyester fabric is best) and close the press for a total of 40 seconds.  The temperature should be between 385-400F.

Repeat the process if a ton of steam is coming out after the 40 second pre-press.




Step 3

After the photo plaque has COOLED completely from the pre-press process, place it face down on top of your design and line it up.

To apply the tape, start from the back of the plaque and attach it to the paper while trying to avoid the tape touching the beveled edge of the plaque itself. Fairly often we see problems with the tape taking off some of the black coating on the plaque.










Step 4

Flip the photo plaque over together with the taped paper and carefully place it on the lower platen. Double check that it is still lined up correctly and a major shift of the paper hasn’t occurred.

Once satisfied, press the photo plaque at 385F-400F for 35 to 45 seconds (variations in presses account for the difference in temperature and time) with medium pressure.











Step 5

Immediately remove the sublimation paper away from the photo plaque in one quick motion to reveal your transferred image. We like to pull the paper up and away from the item and not sliding it sideways as that may cause ghosting, simply from just removing it improperly.





6 - Copy


Step 6

Check for any imperfections such as inconsistent color/fade along the edges or the center of the plaque. Those are the most common areas, usually due to uneven pressure activating the ink in some areas more than others.











5 Ways to Add Fireworks to Your Projects!

In today’s fast-moving fashion industry, sometimes it can be hard to catch your customer’s eye! Be sure to try out some of these shimmering, sparkling products for a unique way to add dazzling accents to your printed products and custom offering!

Use rhinestones on.. nearly everything!

One of the easiest things you can do to accent your printed designs, products, or tees with a dash of sparkle is with rhinestones! Available in three sizes, our Bella MC rhinestones offer a multi-faceted machine cut top for maximum brilliance and are easily heat set on most surfaces with a standard heat press. We’ve safely applied them to a wide range of fabrics, including synthetics, with success and durability, and a WIDE range of “hard surface” products too! That’s right, mugs, keychains, you name it – the hot-fix adhesive isn’t quite durable enough to be applied to an item that requires dishwashing or daily handling, but your bejeweled gifts will be worth the attention and care!

Want to start creating your own rhinestone patterns and templates? Our favorite tools for rhinestone decoration and creation are the Sticky Flock template materials and Starter Kits that work great with the Silhouette Cameo cutter!


Heat transfer foil glitzes up printed patterns and logos!

Heat transfer foil is one of the easiest and dazzling ways of glitzing up a simple text/art print, and only takes a heat press and a laser printer! Once a “base” is created and applied to the shirt (see our other tutorials on adding foil to papers like Forever or ImageClip for dark fabrics), a textile transfer foil is laid over the top of the print, and the foil layer is sealed to the top with the use of a heat press.

This method also offers other unique design and print opportunities, like “texturizing” the foil by crumbling the sheet ahead of time for an “aged” metallic appearance, or even pressing with multiple foil colors for an added dimension to the effect!


Add a dash of glitter (or sublimation) with Glitter Flake Heat Transfer Vinyl!

Adding specialty effects and textures to high-end fashion products or garments isn’t possible with standard textile pigment inks and transfer products – but with a vinyl cutter, even a simple craft cutter such as the Silhouette Cameo (or the Cricut, if you’ve got it!), can create intricate text and logos recreated in colored glitter. Glitter Flake heat transfer vinyl makes this possible with a heat transferrable glitter material that can be easily cut with a craft cutter or plotter, and is simply heat pressed onto fabric goods! Add just a splash of sparkle, or a full custom logo tee in Glitter Flake – it’s up to you!

Attention dye-sublimation printers! Did you know that white Glitter Flake can also be sublimation printed? So if you’re needing a custom color, pattern, or even full color image embedded in scintillating sparkle, then Glitter Flake is for you! Check out our tutorial to see how it’s done!

final result

Create chrome effects with XPress Cut Mirror!

Metallics and chrome are back on the red carpet, and XPress Cut Mirror heat transfer vinyl offers an easy way of replicating this high fashion trend! Create limited edition metallized prints for your own personal brand line or offer as an upsell option for customers with this CAD-cuttable metallic vinyl that works in all standard vinyl cutter/plotters! Available in silver and gold, this vinyl can be applied to a wide range of fabric blends and types!


Don’t have a laser printer for heat transfer foil transfers? Use Digi-Cut Metallic!

Digi-Cut Metallic is our thinnest metallic film and very closely replicates the uncommon and brilliant texture of foils! This gleaming vinyl film is cut and weeded with the help of a vinyl cutter, and heat press applied at a low temp, and is compatible with a multiple fiber blends.

Bonus Tip: Digi-Cut Metallic works amazing as a light foil accent with rhinestones and sublimation prints for a stunning fashion transformation for your custom designs and unique brand lines. Use splatter paint textures and images to create precut foil accent sheets to add to multi-media applications for creations where no two are ever the same!