5 Ways to Add Fireworks to Your Projects!

In today’s fast-moving fashion industry, sometimes it can be hard to catch your customer’s eye! Be sure to try out some of these shimmering, sparkling products for a unique way to add dazzling accents to your printed products and custom offering!

Use rhinestones on.. nearly everything!

One of the easiest things you can do to accent your printed designs, products, or tees with a dash of sparkle is with rhinestones! Available in three sizes, our Bella MC rhinestones offer a multi-faceted machine cut top for maximum brilliance and are easily heat set on most surfaces with a standard heat press. We’ve safely applied them to a wide range of fabrics, including synthetics, with success and durability, and a WIDE range of “hard surface” products too! That’s right, mugs, keychains, you name it – the hot-fix adhesive isn’t quite durable enough to be applied to an item that requires dishwashing or daily handling, but your bejeweled gifts will be worth the attention and care!

Want to start creating your own rhinestone patterns and templates? Our favorite tools for rhinestone decoration and creation are the Sticky Flock template materials and Starter Kits that work great with the Silhouette Cameo cutter!


Heat transfer foil glitzes up printed patterns and logos!

Heat transfer foil is one of the easiest and dazzling ways of glitzing up a simple text/art print, and only takes a heat press and a laser printer! Once a “base” is created and applied to the shirt (see our other tutorials on adding foil to papers like Forever or ImageClip for dark fabrics), a textile transfer foil is laid over the top of the print, and the foil layer is sealed to the top with the use of a heat press.

This method also offers other unique design and print opportunities, like “texturizing” the foil by crumbling the sheet ahead of time for an “aged” metallic appearance, or even pressing with multiple foil colors for an added dimension to the effect!


Add a dash of glitter (or sublimation) with Glitter Flake Heat Transfer Vinyl!

Adding specialty effects and textures to high-end fashion products or garments isn’t possible with standard textile pigment inks and transfer products – but with a vinyl cutter, even a simple craft cutter such as the Silhouette Cameo (or the Cricut, if you’ve got it!), can create intricate text and logos recreated in colored glitter. Glitter Flake heat transfer vinyl makes this possible with a heat transferrable glitter material that can be easily cut with a craft cutter or plotter, and is simply heat pressed onto fabric goods! Add just a splash of sparkle, or a full custom logo tee in Glitter Flake – it’s up to you!

Attention dye-sublimation printers! Did you know that white Glitter Flake can also be sublimation printed? So if you’re needing a custom color, pattern, or even full color image embedded in scintillating sparkle, then Glitter Flake is for you! Check out our tutorial to see how it’s done!

final result

Create chrome effects with XPress Cut Mirror!

Metallics and chrome are back on the red carpet, and XPress Cut Mirror heat transfer vinyl offers an easy way of replicating this high fashion trend! Create limited edition metallized prints for your own personal brand line or offer as an upsell option for customers with this CAD-cuttable metallic vinyl that works in all standard vinyl cutter/plotters! Available in silver and gold, this vinyl can be applied to a wide range of fabric blends and types!


Don’t have a laser printer for heat transfer foil transfers? Use Digi-Cut Metallic!

Digi-Cut Metallic is our thinnest metallic film and very closely replicates the uncommon and brilliant texture of foils! This gleaming vinyl film is cut and weeded with the help of a vinyl cutter, and heat press applied at a low temp, and is compatible with a multiple fiber blends.

Bonus Tip: Digi-Cut Metallic works amazing as a light foil accent with rhinestones and sublimation prints for a stunning fashion transformation for your custom designs and unique brand lines. Use splatter paint textures and images to create precut foil accent sheets to add to multi-media applications for creations where no two are ever the same!



Is Your Sales Strategy Proactive or Reactive?

by Jimmy Lamb of Sawgrass Ink

Do you wait for customers to contact you or do you go find them? Many B2B sales organizations in retail locations make the mistake having a sales strategy of waiting on new business to walk through the door (reactive strategy), rather than pursing opportunities outside their walls (proactive strategy).

Getting your “feet on the street” can yield significant gains in sales revenue as it greatly expands your marketing reach with very little investment. One of the most successful strategies is to incorporate promotional products into your menu of printed media products in order to satisfy a wider range of needs for your prospective clients. Continue reading “Is Your Sales Strategy Proactive or Reactive?”

Coastal Business Supplies Supports Colorado Shooting Victim

In the wake of the tragedy that occurred in Aurora, CO in July, a family already in difficult times received the news that their daughter, Petra Anderson, was shot four times in a theater by a masked gunman. In addition to the astronomical medical bills her family will face with her long road to recovery, Petra’s mother had also been previously diagnosed with terminal cancer. They are now reaching out to the public, requesting help and assistance from their community to give them a small amount of relief through these trying times. 

Coastal Business Supplies is proud to stand behind a grassroots fundraiser 5K race event started by the Colorado community in order to help alleviate the financial burden during this tragic time. Coastal will provide blank items to be generously printed and pressed by a local Colorado business in thanks to the participants and supporters of this event. Keep an eye on CoastalBusiness.com for upcoming information on this event!