The Importance of Technical Support

When shopping around for starter kits, heat presses, transfers or more, you’ll run across a lot of companies that are willing to make a LOT of promises just to make the sale. Unfortunately, this means that when you finally receive your product and encounter any issues with it, you may be out of luck when it comes to technical support from the company you purchased it from.

Here at Coastal, we pride ourselves on offering exemplary technical support to our customers (and sometimes even other companies’ customers!) Whether it’s a simple question about the correct pressure to use when pressing a neck tie or something more difficult, like how to unclog a bulk sublimation system, we have an entire technical support team available from 8am through 6pm every weekday. You can reach us through the phone or through our live chat without delay. Continue reading “The Importance of Technical Support”

Heat Transfer: the Short Run T-Shirt Solution

Do you want to decrease the monetary impact of short runs in your t-shirt shop?  The answer to this problem is, quite simply, heat transfer.

Heat Presses:
Using transfers are much cheaper than traditional methods, such as screen printing, when it comes to short runs. In fact, the most expensive thing you will need to invest in is a heat press and you will find that it soon pays for itself many times over. There are many brands to choose from as well as many levels of heat press to enter into. What determines your entry point would be factors such as the size needed to accommodate your garments as well as the quantity you plan to produce. Some of the best brands available are Hotronix and Maxx, which are both by Hotronix, as well as Hix and Insta. Continue reading “Heat Transfer: the Short Run T-Shirt Solution”

Print & Cut: How to utilize the entire 8.5” x 11” sheet of transfer paper

If you are currently printing and cutting images on your heat transfer paper using a cutter, then you probably hate the fact that you lose a good amount of your paper size due to margins and registration mark placement. Vinyl cutters need a certain amount of space for the rollers to move across the paper and grasp during cutting, which may cause your design to be smaller than you wish. When you print and then cut heat transfer paper, you must set your margins a particular distance away from the sides and top of the paper. The side registration marks need to be approximately .5”-1” away from the edges of the paper, and around the top of the paper, the registration marks need to be even further away…around 3″ to 5″!   Continue reading “Print & Cut: How to utilize the entire 8.5” x 11” sheet of transfer paper”