Heat Transfer: the Short Run T-Shirt Solution

Do you want to decrease the monetary impact of short runs in your t-shirt shop?  The answer to this problem is, quite simply, heat transfer.

Heat Presses:
Using transfers are much cheaper than traditional methods, such as screen printing, when it comes to short runs. In fact, the most expensive thing you will need to invest in is a heat press and you will find that it soon pays for itself many times over. There are many brands to choose from as well as many levels of heat press to enter into. What determines your entry point would be factors such as the size needed to accommodate your garments as well as the quantity you plan to produce. Some of the best brands available are Hotronix and Maxx, which are both by Hotronix, as well as Hix and Insta. Continue reading “Heat Transfer: the Short Run T-Shirt Solution”

Blinging Up Your Business!

Rhinestones are an incredibly popular method to create and sell unique items – from t-shirts to tote bags and even tennis shoes! Everybody wants to add a little bling to their products to make them memorable. Use rhinestones to spell out names, embellish images and create a sparkly splash of color on almost anything! It’s a great and simple addition to bring more diversity and revenue to any business. 

With such a great profit-making opportunity right in front of you, you may be wondering, “How do I get started?” It’s easy…get started with Coastal! Continue reading “Blinging Up Your Business!”