Heat Transfer: the Short Run T-Shirt Solution

Do you want to decrease the monetary impact of short runs in your t-shirt shop?  The answer to this problem is, quite simply, heat transfer.

Heat Presses:
Using transfers are much cheaper than traditional methods, such as screen printing, when it comes to short runs. In fact, the most expensive thing you will need to invest in is a heat press and you will find that it soon pays for itself many times over. There are many brands to choose from as well as many levels of heat press to enter into. What determines your entry point would be factors such as the size needed to accommodate your garments as well as the quantity you plan to produce. Some of the best brands available are Hotronix and Maxx, which are both by Hotronix, as well as Hix and Insta. Continue reading “Heat Transfer: the Short Run T-Shirt Solution”

Heat Transfer Paper: Inkjet vs. Laser

I wanted to give some light on a subject that I get questions about every day.  When choosing a heat transfer paper, should you choose inkjet or laser?

Inkjet printers have a higher quality print than laser printers with a larger selection of heat transfer papers to choose from. The options range from papers that excel in soft hand, less border, great color and more. Inkjet printers are easy to set up and you may already have one at home or in your office. Also, transfer papers for inkjet printers are more universal; they will work on most inkjet printers. However, inkjet printers tend to be more expensive when it comes to printing and ink replenishing. Continue reading “Heat Transfer Paper: Inkjet vs. Laser”

My new favorite product: Digi-Trans No Weed Laser Transfer Paper

Don’t let the newness of Digi-Trans No Weed Laser Transfer Paper fool you. This paper truly stands up to its expectations. 

Most heat transfer papers on the market have that dreaded polymer background that forces you to trim your image. So, you can either trim it by hand or use a vinyl-cutting machine. Using scissors isn’t bad, unless you have a very intricate design that isn’t just four cuts to a square. And vinyl cutting machines can range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, making it quite a costly investment.  Continue reading “My new favorite product: Digi-Trans No Weed Laser Transfer Paper”