Tips for Working with Digi-Cut Pro

Digi-Cut Pro is one of our newest heat transfer vinyl that is skyrocketing in popularity. It’s thin, soft and stretchy – everything you want in a heat transfer vinyl! Digi-Cut Pro is very similar to our original DigiCut PU, but offers two new features that set it apart: it is a hot peel and it has an adhesive backing.

The timesaving option of peeling the vinyl immediately after pressing will eliminate the process of waiting for the vinyl to cool. The adhesive backing makes it easier to securely place the vinyl onto any garment without fear of the vinyl moving.

Digi-Cut Pro is thin, soft and stretchy!

So, what are the best ways to ensure that you can work effectively with Digi-Cut Pro? Here are a few tips: Continue reading “Tips for Working with Digi-Cut Pro”

Vinyl Cutters: Graphtec vs. Roland

As you may know, Coastal is a company that offers a wide variety of brands. This allows you to make your purchasing decision based on our experience with the equipment and our expert advice…which sometimes will be given, even if you don’t want it. 

My last blog was about heat press equipment, Swinger vs. Clamshell. It was aimed at helping you decide what questions to ask yourself when wanting to add a heat press to your business. For this blog, I thought I would stay along the same lines… but switch it up a little and go with… da da daaaa… vinyl cutters. Continue reading “Vinyl Cutters: Graphtec vs. Roland”

The New Year….

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. ” – Albert Einstein 

Now that 2010 is over, what are you going to different in the coming year for your business? 

What did your business do right last year and what can you improve upon in the coming 12 months?  Did last year meet or exceed your expectations or did you fall a bit short?  Continue reading “The New Year….”