Tips for Working with Digi-Cut Pro

Digi-Cut Pro is one of our newest heat transfer vinyl that is skyrocketing in popularity. It’s thin, soft and stretchy – everything you want in a heat transfer vinyl! Digi-Cut Pro is very similar to our original DigiCut PU, but offers two new features that set it apart: it is a hot peel and it has an adhesive backing.

The timesaving option of peeling the vinyl immediately after pressing will eliminate the process of waiting for the vinyl to cool. The adhesive backing makes it easier to securely place the vinyl onto any garment without fear of the vinyl moving.

Digi-Cut Pro is thin, soft and stretchy!

So, what are the best ways to ensure that you can work effectively with Digi-Cut Pro? Here are a few tips:

Due to the extreme stretchiness of this vinyl, we suggest only cutting out characters that are larger than ¼ inch. Also, make sure you’re not using heavy force or speed when cutting. This could cause the blade to pull on the vinyl and create an uneven cut.

If you’re still noticing that the cut is ragged, you may need to replace your blade. Only an extremely sharp blade will give you the accuracy you’re looking for. Also, it’s important to take a look at your cutting strip. If the protective cutting strip on your vinyl cutter is nicked or sliced-up, you should replace that as well. Cutting strips are an inexpensive and easy way to make sure that you’re getting the cleanest cut possible.

Through our testing, we’ve discovered that Digi-Cut Pro is probably not the best vinyl to layer with, but it is possible with certain vinyls such as EasyWeed Extra. If layering heat transfer vinyl is important to your project, you should stick to such vinyls as Digi-Cut PU or EasyWeed.

We’ve also come up with specifications for the two vinyl cutters we carry, to help make this process easier.

Graphtec Vinyl Cutters:
Force: 15
Speed: 20

Roland Vinyl Cutters:
Force: 160
Speed: 20

Now that you have all of the information, it’s a great time to try out Digi-Cut Pro heat transfer vinyl if you haven’t already!

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Author: Kim Kelley

Kim Kelley works in technical support, marketing and social networking at Coastal Business Supplies.

2 thoughts on “Tips for Working with Digi-Cut Pro”

  1. I’ve used the standard digi cut pro vinyl on a shirt. I cut the design and heat pressed it. I’m wondering what is the best way to clean the shirt? Dry clean or cold wash or is there a better way? Any suggestions would help. Thanks

    1. The best way to launder any garment with heat transfer vinyl is to wash it inside-out, in cold water and without using any bleach or liquid fabric softener. The vinyl is pretty sturdy, so, as long as it’s been applied correctly, you shouldn’t see any of the image/letters peeling up.

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