More Sublimation Tips from Unisub

The following notes are designed to help you get the best results using sublimatable materials. While these products are designed specifically for color sublimation, proper preparation of the transfer and heat press is critical to achieving optimal quality.

Please refer to the manuals provided with your printer and sublimation supplies for detailed instructions on configuring and troubleshooting your system. In preparing full color sublimation transfers it is essential to disable color matching from your graphic design software. You should utilize the color correction solution designed for your printer and brand of sublimation ink. The colors of the sublimation transfer may appear washed out. This is normal and the desired result of color adjustment for the transfer process. Equipment and conditions do vary, therefore the suggested times are given as good starting points from which you may experiment and find the conditions that give you the best results from your system. Continue reading “More Sublimation Tips from Unisub”

Introducing Our New Customizable iPhone cases and iPad Covers

iPad covers are great for gifts or personal use!

In today’s technological age, the design of your iPhone or iPad case is almost as important as the actual device. Now you can be tech-savvy AND fashionable with our new iPad and iPhone covers!  These sublimatable cases allow you to personalize your devices with your business logo, family photos or more, making them perfect for gifts or personal use!

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The Most Common Sublimation Mistakes

Sublimation is a quick and fairly simple way to create beautiful, personalized items out of blank substrates. However, this process can easily go wrong if the directions aren’t followed carefully. I’ve compiled a list of some the most common sublimation mistakes customers make in order to help you avoid making these same blunders.

  1. Not using color correction software: Whether you’re using Artainium or SubliJet sublimation ink, Coastal can provide you with an ICC profile or a PowerDriver to ensure that you get the brightest, most spot-on colors available. Printing without one of these color management softwares may lead to your end product looking dull or the colors being slightly off. Continue reading “The Most Common Sublimation Mistakes”