Growing Sublimation Sales with Spec Samples

blog2What is more likely to influence your purchase decision at the grocery store? A picture of a bread loaf or the actual loaf? As a savvy consumer, you will want to examine your potential purchase for quality before committing any of your hard-earned money.

The same holds true when you’re trying to sell your sublimated goods. The allure of sublimation is in the outstanding print quality it produces. That can’t be captured in a catalog or Web image. Potential customers need to see and feel the product to determine whether it’s right for them – and that you’re the right one to make it.

This is where spec samples come into play. A spec sample is a pre-made version of a particular product that you use to show a customer, client or prospect what that product could look like with their customization added. They can touch the item, test its quality and see just how amazing sublimation looks on a finished product.

Providing spec samples helps you to drive excitement in both existing and potential customers, which you can then turn into sublimation sales. It just takes some creativity and good sales strategy. Continue reading “Growing Sublimation Sales with Spec Samples”

Choosing The Right Sublimation Printer

Much like everything else, printers are not all created equally, thus you should do some research using a scientific approach rather than just pouncing on the cheapest unit you can find.  Your first step is to identify which printers are capable of processing sublimation dye, so that you aren’t considering any non-supported printers.  Sawgrass produces three sublimation solutions and lists the supported printers for each one online: SubliJet IQ, SubliJet-R and ArTainium. Continue reading “Choosing The Right Sublimation Printer”

The Most Common Sublimation Mistakes

Sublimation is a quick and fairly simple way to create beautiful, personalized items out of blank substrates. However, this process can easily go wrong if the directions aren’t followed carefully. I’ve compiled a list of some the most common sublimation mistakes customers make in order to help you avoid making these same blunders.

  1. Not using color correction software: Whether you’re using Artainium or SubliJet sublimation ink, Coastal can provide you with an ICC profile or a PowerDriver to ensure that you get the brightest, most spot-on colors available. Printing without one of these color management softwares may lead to your end product looking dull or the colors being slightly off. Continue reading “The Most Common Sublimation Mistakes”