Instagram Friendly Products From ChromaLuxe

Why should you use ChromaLuxe?

ChromaLuxe is always on the cutting edge of HD sublimation metal printing. When you chose ChromaLuxe, you aren’t just choosing a product, you aren’t just choosing the longest lasting photo medium, you are choosing an industry leader.

What is Instagram?

Instagram is a photo sharing app and social network that more than one hundred million people use. How is sharing a photo on Instagram different from sharing a photo on Facebook? One word…filters. Instagram allows people to apply photo filters that make their digital photos look like  they were taken using  film.

Some other cool stuff about instagram:

  • Instagram has a very active demographic  of 16-19 year olds
  • More than 16 billion photos have been shared using Instagram
  • The majority of Instagram users are women

How you can use ChromaLuxe to make your mobile memories more memorable?

Having your cool and unique photos online is pretty convenient, but it would be a shame to just have them stay there.  Your photos need to be out in the real would where they can shine .

ChromaLuxe ‘s Instagram friendly items allow you and mix your artsy photos with one of 3 beautiful finishes.  (White Gloss, Clear Gloss, and White Matte)

Print your photos ChromaLuxe’s 4×4 or 5×5 metal plates or on Switchcase’s  iPhone 5 cases and inserts.

What are some things that will help me get started?

You can use hashtags on Instagram, so it’s a good idea to read about hashtag dos and don’ts .

Blogs in Exchange for Cupcakes

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