Introducing EMULATE™ and EMULATE SECURE™ Sublimation Paper Sheets

Coastal is excited to announce that we now carry EMULATE™ & EMULATE SECURE™ Sublimation Paper Sheets by Neenah Performance Materials! Designed specifically for desktop sublimation printing, these sheets make life easy for those sublimating hard surfaces and polyester performance apparel. Read on to learn more about the benefits of both!

EMULATE™ – Hard Surface Sheets for Small-Format Production

Manufactured in the USA with hard surface sublimation in mind, Neenah’s EMULATE™ sublimation paper sheets allow for easy desktop production. These Coastal-exclusive paper sheets enhance dye-sublimation transfers with exceptional color reproduction and reduce ink consumption during the process. For those creating hard substrates using a desktop sublimation setup, the EMULATE™ sheets provide consistent results every time.

Other benefits of the EMULATE™ sublimation papers include:

  • Enhances dye sublimation transfers with high-quality color reproduction
  • Manageable non-tack surface
  • Immediate ink dry time
  • Possess exceptional lay-flat properties to prevent unwanted curling during pressing
  • Printed backside grid assists with improving transfer alignment and design registration

emulate emulate secure dye sub sublimation paper sheets coastal business supplies neenah performance materials

EMULATE SECURE™ – The First Tacky Dye-Sub Paper for Desktops

If you have experience with sublimation printing, then you probably are familiar with the struggles of “ghosting”. Ghosting is a common sublimation concern (especially with desktop printing) – it occurs when there’s a shift in the transfer paper while the panel is still hot, leaving a shadow or secondary image on the final product. The experts at Neenah recognized the impact this can have on production time for those using desktop setups. To combat the frequency of ghosting and registration issues among desktop decorators, Neenah developed EMULATE SECURE™.

EMULATE SECURE™ is the first dye sub paper of its kind to deliver the control given by a tack paper to decorators that primarily use desktop printers. Available exclusively from Coastal Business Supplies in sheets, these sublimation papers are USA-made and possess a tacky side guaranteed to keep them in place during the transfer process. The backside of the paper has a printed grid to assist with improving transfer registration, making it the first dye-sub paper on the market completely designed for efficient small-format sublimation.

Other features of the EMULATE SECURE™ sheets include:

Both the EMULATE™ and EMULATE SECURE™ sublimation paper sheets work great with all desktop printers – try them with the Sawgrass Virtuoso SG400 or SG800 today!

Ready to improve your desktop sublimation production? Contact our Customer Success Team to learn more about the benefits of using EMULATE™ and EMULATE SECURE™ dye-sublimation paper sheets. Our team of pros will give you the insight and assistance needed to help your business succeed! Give us a call today: (800) 562-7760

Instagram Friendly Products From ChromaLuxe

Why should you use ChromaLuxe?

ChromaLuxe is always on the cutting edge of HD sublimation metal printing. When you chose ChromaLuxe, you aren’t just choosing a product, you aren’t just choosing the longest lasting photo medium, you are choosing an industry leader.

What is Instagram?

Instagram is a photo sharing app and social network that more than one hundred million people use. How is sharing a photo on Instagram different from sharing a photo on Facebook? One word…filters. Instagram allows people to apply photo filters that make their digital photos look like  they were taken using  film.

Some other cool stuff about instagram:

  • Instagram has a very active demographic  of 16-19 year olds
  • More than 16 billion photos have been shared using Instagram
  • The majority of Instagram users are women

How you can use ChromaLuxe to make your mobile memories more memorable?

Having your cool and unique photos online is pretty convenient, but it would be a shame to just have them stay there.  Your photos need to be out in the real would where they can shine .

ChromaLuxe ‘s Instagram friendly items allow you and mix your artsy photos with one of 3 beautiful finishes.  (White Gloss, Clear Gloss, and White Matte)

Print your photos ChromaLuxe’s 4×4 or 5×5 metal plates or on Switchcase’s  iPhone 5 cases and inserts.

What are some things that will help me get started?

You can use hashtags on Instagram, so it’s a good idea to read about hashtag dos and don’ts .

Tracy Takes On…“I’m Confused, Tell me What I Need?” Part IV

We’re going to now move into the world of sublimation….everyone thinks this is a gift to fix all. Don’t be so sure! Sublimation is the process of an ink turning into a gas, penetrating the fibers in the garment when … Continue reading

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tracytakesonWe’re going to now move into the world of sublimation….everyone thinks this is a gift to fix all. Don’t be so sure!

Sublimation is the process of an ink turning into a gas, penetrating the fibers in the garment when heated, becoming a permanent part of that item and then sealing into the fibers of that item once it’s completely cooled. Sublimation was originally thought to be a process to apply images onto hard surface items only, such as ceramics, metals, certain plastics, and hardboard materials but it’s become very popular with large format users who are doing customized garments. Anything from jerseys, t-shirts, swimsuits, towels, blankets, floor mats/car mats and tote bags are just some examples of the growing industry.

Small desktop printers range from 8.5” x 14” systems up to 13” x 19” with optional bypass trays that are available. Epson and Ricoh are the main brands of sublimation printers (see all of our small format sublimation-compatible printers HERE). Epson printers are equipped with a Piezo print head technology. Micro Piezo print heads feature microscopic piezoelectric actuators that are built behind the print nozzles. When an electrical charge is applied to them, the piezoelectric elements bend backward, drawing precise amounts of ink from the ink chamber into the firing chamber. When the electrical pulse is reversed, the piezoelectric elements bend the opposite way very rapidly, propelling the ink out of the nozzles at high speed. This helps with clogging issues since sublimation ink is a little thicker than regular OEM inks. A handful of Epson printers are also able to be equipped with bulk refill systems, which use bags of ink instead of cartridges. This will drastically cut down your cost per print as we all know how small some inkjet printer cartridges can be!

Ricoh printers aren’t equipped with these types of print heads, but the sublimation ink used in Ricoh printers is gel-based. The ink flows more smoothly, therefore you’ll experience less clogging (if any). Although there are no bulk hookups for these printers, they are able to house a much larger cartridge size over its Epson friends.

There are also floor models on the market that are still considered smaller format (under 24”) and can run rolls of paper. Then you get into the wide format equipment, which is a whole other blog in its own. Heck, maybe we will see a wide format blog in the upcoming future!

Some CONS are, sublimation is a bad idea if you need to do dark garments! The only way to get a sublimation image onto a colored garment is if the image (ink you’re laying down) is darker than the color of the shirt. For instance, you can do black images or prints on red garments, orange, yellow, pink, blue… (make sense?)

Another downside is if you’re wanting to use a cheap ole’ shirt – nix that idea. Sublimation requires 100% polyester to get the best image and the best washability possible!

The PRO about sublimation is that it is a permanent image on your substrate! What can get better than this? No washing away, fading or cracking to worry about!

The post Tracy Takes On…“I’m Confused, Tell me What I Need?” Part IV appeared first on Blogging with Coastal – Transfer Paper, Sublimation, Heat Press, Vinyl and More!.