The Smart (and Easy) Way to Learn Design Software

Learn it all. Learn it fast. Learn it now.

One of the most important aspects of garment or hard object personalization is design. Whether you’re a newbie to design programs or a professional graphic artist, you’ll inevitably have questions on how to create a certain look or image and free internet tutorials can’t necessarily help you learn design software. Because of this, Coastal has teamed up with – an online training library that is the perfect way for novices and experts to expand their knowledge on almost any design program available. Continue reading “The Smart (and Easy) Way to Learn Design Software”

Graphic Design Simplified with New, Easy-to-Follow Tutorial Books!

Coastal Business Supplies is now offering T-Shirt Artwork Simplified in both the CorelDraw and the Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator series! This book is a perfect companion for any beginning designer creating their first t-shirt or even a seasoned artist looking for a few new tricks to spice up their graphic design skills.

T-Shirt Artwork Simplified was the brainchild of years of seminars, consulting, and speaking engagements and created directly from the common questions and problems discussed. T-Shirt Artwork Simplified is a ‘real world’ approach that will take your artwork to the next level in the never-ending competitive business world. With T-Shirt Artwork Simplified artists, printers, beginners, and business owners can achieve superior art that will help beat the competition. Continue reading “Graphic Design Simplified with New, Easy-to-Follow Tutorial Books!”

Images: The Good and the Bad

Have you ever taken a nice looking image from the internet only to find that it wasn’t so nice when you printed it? The image probably looked great on your screen, but when you printed it, it either printed at the size of a thumbnail or looked “blocky” or “pixilated”, right? This is because of image resolution. So, I want to share with you the difference between a good and bad image.

I want to make this as quick and painless as possible, so, without getting too technical, let’s start with resolution.  Continue reading “Images: The Good and the Bad”