Connecting your Teams

This morning while I was waiting in line at the security check point for my flight, my co-worker made a very good point about the seeming lack of communication between the airline and the TSA. The airlines know exactly how many people they have coming to the airport for a flight and exactly what time frame they should be arriving. Therefore you would think that TSA would be properly staffed and ready to go based on that information, but it doesn’t seem that there is any communication between them. But aren’t they on the same team with a similar goal of getting people from point A to point B safely and securely? They might not be the same “company” or department but don’t you think they should work together more closely? Continue reading “Connecting your Teams”

Sublimation and Laser Mugs 101

Creating personalized mugs is always a fun, great idea for friends, family and businesses. After all, who doesn’t love their morning cup of joe in a mug made especially for them?

Coastal offers supplies for two different methods of putting images on mugs – laser and sublimation. Continue reading “Sublimation and Laser Mugs 101”