Garbage In = Garbage Out

High quality sublimation starts with high quality images, but somewhere along the way, that message seems to get lost.

However,  it’s really a  simple equation: garbage in = garbage out

As great as the sublimation process is at printing high resolution, finely detailed, full color images, it can’t convert bad images into good ones.  So what is the ideal resolution?  That’s a tricky question, as resolution is tied to image size. Continue reading “Garbage In = Garbage Out”

Sublimation Basics – Image Mirroring

There is nothing more exasperating than to have a picture perfect press job, only to discover that the lettering on the final product is backwards.  With sublimation you must always mirror the design when printing.  It may seem like a backwards approach at first, but when you think through the production process it really does make sense.  Continue reading “Sublimation Basics – Image Mirroring”

Graphic Design Simplified with New, Easy-to-Follow Tutorial Books!

Coastal Business Supplies is now offering T-Shirt Artwork Simplified in both the CorelDraw and the Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator series! This book is a perfect companion for any beginning designer creating their first t-shirt or even a seasoned artist looking for a few new tricks to spice up their graphic design skills.

T-Shirt Artwork Simplified was the brainchild of years of seminars, consulting, and speaking engagements and created directly from the common questions and problems discussed. T-Shirt Artwork Simplified is a ‘real world’ approach that will take your artwork to the next level in the never-ending competitive business world. With T-Shirt Artwork Simplified artists, printers, beginners, and business owners can achieve superior art that will help beat the competition. Continue reading “Graphic Design Simplified with New, Easy-to-Follow Tutorial Books!”