On the Road Again….

Have you ever noticed how many trade shows Coastal Business Supplies attend? This year we will be displaying our products at 11. In the month of March alone, Coastal appeared at three separate shows! Besides the extensive list of shows we plan to participate in, our management will attend many more just to view new products to see what may appeal to our customers.

Trade shows are a great opportunity for us to meet and greet our customers face to face, display and demonstrate our products and, hopefully, teach or learn a thing or two. We also get to meet other companies in the industry to see what they’re up to. I have talked to many customers that have been doing business with Coastal for years, and after seeing us at a show, they realized we sold certain items that they did not previously know about.

Coastal often has free passes to upcoming shows. If you are going to the show, we’ll even ship your products with our show inventory so you can pick it up when you stop by our booth and you can avoid shipping charges. At the shows you can ask questions, see equipment being used, and purchase special items at a discounted price.

Or, of course, just stop by to compliment the great employees at Coastal Business Supplies.

There are only five shows left…which one will we see you at?

Check out our remaining trade show dates! If you’re interested in meeting us, just give us a call!

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