Transfer Images onto Live Edge Wooden Coasters with TechniPrint HS Laser Paper!


Behold the TechniPrint HS self-weeding laser transfer paper for hard surfaces! It has been one of our new favorite papers to play with and it is proving to be more versatile than we ever thought! It doesn’t require items to be coated in any special way and is opaque enough to be transferred onto colored surfaces, although very light colors will take some of the texture/color of the item as it transfers toner only. Simply trim around the design (or trim down to a shape slightly larger than your item) for a beautiful transfer. It is compatible with regular CMYK laser printers and white toner printers. We tested it with our OKI 831TS and our OKI 920WT with great results!

Among some of the items we pressed were ceramic mugs, frosted steins, hardboard coasters, aluminum panels and more. Our favorite item we made however is the wooden live edge coaster. We bought a few of those from our local craft store and pressed them with great success.


The Process



Make sure your item is a flat surface. Any dents or bumps will cause air bubbles and the surrounding area may not transfer well. Curved surfaces, such as mugs, are great as long as the surface is completely smooth and even pressure is applied all around (use of mug press is a must). Wipe the item clean from any debris or dust prior to pressing.









wood_design1 (2)Print your design on the blank side of the paper (the back has the grid and logo printed on it) through a laser printer on a heavier paper setting, such as Ultra Heavy, Label or Transparency (for our OKI 831ts, 920WT and 711WT printers, the setting is Ultra Heavy 2). The design should be printed in reverse (mirror horizontally).








Trim the design down to size so that the paper edge goes slightly beyond the edge of the item. Align your design to your item and use tape if needed to hold it in place. Place the item in the heat press with the design face down on top of it.











The nature of our item made it slightly uneven when laid flat on a surface. We chose to use a foam pillow underneath to provide extra cushion and even out the surface when the press closes down. Also an optional and useful accessory, especially for larger and uneven surface area, is the sublimation heating pad that we also used in order to distribute the temperature evenly by placing it on top of the transfer and item.










Total pressing time varies, but we have found that 330F works with the majority of items. For these wooden coasters that are approximately 4″ x 4″ in., we went with 3 minutes of total pressing time and medium pressure (4 to 6 bars)










end resultAfter the pressing time elapsed, we removed the item from the press and let it cool completely. With most metal and ceramic items, we recommend running them under cool water to aid the process. Wood however would warp and crack so we placed our coaster in a mini fridge for a faster and drier cool down. Once completely cold, we peeled away the paper to reveal a beautiful and vibrant transfer! For added protection and durability, you may use a clear coat protective spray, especially if transferring on finished or treated surfaces.







Click HERE to view our video on transferring onto a live edge wooden coaster!

Do you have any cool items that were pressed with the TechniPrint HS? Leave us a comment and tell us about your experience. Check out some fun stuff below that we also pressed during our testing process!











More images to come…. !