Eco-Solvent Garment Decorating for Sign Shops

Eco-Solvent is a popular method used to print outdoor media, as the special ink creates a weatherproof, fade-proof and highly durable print. But what happens when you have an eco-solvent printer and want to create transfers for clothing? Coastal carries a wide variety of eco-solvent heat transfer materials to make it easier to add heat transfer garments to your product line!

Create personalized garments using your eco solvent printer!

If a customer already has a solvent printer to create car decals and more, they can easily use Coastal solvent materials to create shirts. Without the added expense of purchasing a separate printer just to begin creating personalized shirts, customers can now use their eco-solvent printers for heat transfer purposes.

Coastal sells eco-solvent printers, ink, plus a variety of eco-solvent media, including Siser, our own Coastal brand and Chemica.

Contact us today for more information on whether or eco-solvent material is a good solution for you.

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