Wall Art Made Easy

Use Photo Tex to create a beach scene indoors!

Are your walls looking a little bare? Do you wish you could find the perfect material for a home decoration project you or your customer had in mind? Coastal has a variety of solutions for cost-effective, beautiful wall décor that you can easily create for yourself or for a profit.

If you’re looking for easy-to-apply (and remove!) material that can be printed using a regular inkjet printer, try out our Folex TackJet material.

Use TackJet with your inkjet printer to create customer wall decor!

TackJet is a matte white opaque cling film that works great for photographic posters, signage, decals, point of sale displays and labels. A soft back layer clings without any adhesive to most clean, smooth surfaces like glass, plexiglass, metal, wallpaper, wood, furniture and many other surfaces. Plus, Tack Jet can be removed and re-applied without leaving any adhesive residue behind. We’ve used TackJet in our own cubicles to put up single color decorations and to post larger size photographic images. Tack Jet is available in white opaque and can be purchased in sheets or rolls.

FDC’s 4300 series removable wall vinyl is a newer material we’ve been offering for the past few months, but it has quickly become one of our most popular products. 

Removable wall vinyl is great for colorful signage and more!

Unlike some regular sign vinyl, this wall vinyl is completely safe to be used on most flat surfaces without fear of paint or the finish coming up when removing vinyl. The great thing is that it is still just as easy to use as our basic sign vinyl! Create a basic design with words, numbers or shapes, cut it out using your vinyl cutter, weed and mask, then apply to the surface of your choice. Plus, it’s completely repositionable! Adjust designs and decorations with the changing seasons and holidays! We’ve used the 4300 series to decorate children’s rooms, nurseries and even add inspirational messages to the walls of Coastal’s kitchen (see the image on the left). The 4300 series comes in 25 beautiful colors and is available in several different sized rolls. Application is made much easier by using the compatible application tape, created specifically for this particular vinyl.

Photo Tex is available for inkjet and solvent printers!

Our newest product – Photo Tex – is a printable, weatherproof, reusable, polyester material available for both solvent and inkjet printers. Photo Tex has a cloth-like feel, but is durable enough to be used outdoors for up to 6 months! Create life-size, brilliant images that won’t tear or rip when being applied or removed. We’ve used Photo Tex to create beautiful beach scenes within offices and cubicles here at Coastal, but the possibilities are almost endless! Photo Tex is currently available in a wide variety of roll sizes, but sheets can be made available. Call us for more information!

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Author: Kim Kelley

Kim Kelley works in technical support, marketing and social networking at Coastal Business Supplies.