EasyWeed is Easily the Easiest!

We used EasyWeed Stretch on these boxing shorts to create a durable and stretchy design!

Of all my favorite ways to make cool t-shirts here working at Coastal Business, I am especially partial to vinyl transfers. They’re light in hand, with great durability, and come in a wide variety of colors, textures, and even special effects to really make a t-shirt design POP at a customer. And when your mind is on your design, it’s nice to have a product like EasyWeed to take the additional guesswork out of creating your garment.

EasyWeed, the family of heat transfer vinyl by Siser, is a popular choice for apparel decorators. It’s simple to cut and apply, works well on a wide variety of fabric types, and appeals to customers due to its soft, thin properties. It’s also been around for quite awhile, so the company has earned a pretty good reputation in the industry for making a consistently performing product. Continue reading “EasyWeed is Easily the Easiest!”

Heat Transfer Vinyl 101

I’m sure you’ve noticed that we offer quite a few types of heat transfer vinyl and you may be wondering what the difference is between them, so I’ll try to explain. We carry both Siser products as well as Digi-Cut in a variety of types. Here’s a list of our current heat transfer vinyls available:

Standard vinyl:

EasyWeed (Siser) – One of the top two most popular vinyls we carry. Compared to Digi-Cut PU, EasyWeed has a stickier backing and is a hot peel.

Digi-Cut PU – The other of the top two most popular vinyls. Compared to EasyWeed, this material doesn’t have as sticky of a backing, but tends to be more durable. Digi-Cut PU requires a cold peel.

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Whether you are looking for a new accent or a completely new decorating theme for your little one’s room, there are lots of great products here that can help!  Being a graphic artist here at Coastal by day and a mommy in the evening, you can bet that my two children’s rooms are always changing as fast as their favorite fad or TV show is. Handmade touches like wall decals and blanket embellishments can give a personalized style to your child’s space.

Without lifting a paintbrush, PhotoTex is an affordable and easy to use self-adhesive wall material that can add flare and personality to walls and even floors.  Simply design the graphic on your computer, print it out on the special PhotoTex material, and either cut by hand or with a vinyl cutter. Then peel and stick! True, he won’t be into outer space or monsters forever, but the material can be easily removed when he moves onto his next mission!  This was a great touch for their nurseries especially when they transitioned to a big kid room.

Heat transfer vinyl has definitely been a life saver when it comes to Continue reading “Kid-Approved”