Choosing the Right Heat Press

During my 15 years of working at Coastal, this question seems to get asked quite often. Which heat press is right for me?

Taking customer’s opinions and what I’ve learned over the years into consideration, I’ve compiled some important information that you should think about when buying your first heat press.

There are three basic needs you should look for in a heat presses, and they happen to be the same for both the Swinger and the Clamshell styles. Continue reading “Choosing the Right Heat Press”

How to choose the best transfer papers…along with some tips and tricks

When choosing the best transfer paper, there is rarely one paper that will work well with everything. The type of transfer paper you should be using depends on the substrate you will be transferring to. 

My personal, all-around favorite paper that we carry (though it may not receive a lot of recognition) is Red Grid Inkjet Heat Transfer Paper. It may not be getting as much hype because “soft hand” transfers are all the craze lately. But, what a lot of people may not know, is that most hot peel papers can achieve a softer feel with a few small tips.  Continue reading “How to choose the best transfer papers…along with some tips and tricks”

Sublimation Tips from Unisub

Our great friends at Unisub, who manufacturer many of our sublimation and heat transfer blanks, always have great ideas and suggestions when it comes to how to best sublimate. Here are a few of our favorites!

Don’t Give in to Pressure!

A common error when creating sublimation items is the application of too much pressure when pressing them. People often mash down the platen much harder than it needs to go. Continue reading “Sublimation Tips from Unisub”