Print & Cut: How to utilize the entire 8.5” x 11” sheet of transfer paper

If you are currently printing and cutting images on your heat transfer paper using a cutter, then you probably hate the fact that you lose a good amount of your paper size due to margins and registration mark placement. Vinyl cutters need a certain amount of space for the rollers to move across the paper and grasp during cutting, which may cause your design to be smaller than you wish. When you print and then cut heat transfer paper, you must set your margins a particular distance away from the sides and top of the paper. The side registration marks need to be approximately .5”-1” away from the edges of the paper, and around the top of the paper, the registration marks need to be even further away…around 3″ to 5″!  

Cutting mats allow you more area to cut!

If you want anything bigger, you have to move to a larger size paper, which could mean that you may possibly need a larger printer. But that doesn’t always have to be the case.

With the help of a cutting mat, you can utilize the entire 8.5” x 11” transfer paper size. This is because you can place your registration marks as far out on the paper as you can print and as far up on the paper as you wish, eliminating the need for the margins. The cutting mat is a plastic mat that has a semi-adhesive side that will gently hold your transfer paper in place while it moves throughout the cutter. Since the cutting mat is larger than the heat transfer paper, the cutter will use the mat instead of the paper to move across and grasp while cutting. So now you can fully use the entire area of your letter size transfer paper!

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