Digital Printing on Vinyl

I sat in on a wonderful training session today with Michael Pettit of FDC Graphic Films. He came to Coastal Business Supplies, Inc. today to provide us more details on their product line. We are excited to help people find the right products for their needs.

The amazing part is the huge amount of potential products people can expand into when they add digital printed media to their line. Here are just a few of the things you can do:

  • Removable Wall Graphics
    • Temporary Point of Sales Graphics
    • “Fathead” Style Graphics
    • Home Decor / Sayings
  • Vehicle Wraps
    • Make that car a rolling billboard. Cover part or all of it.
  • Vehicle Signage (Marking)
    • Fleet logos and lettering
    • Low profile advertising
  • Window Perfs
    • Sun Protection with Advertising for Autos
    • Retail Window Signage
  • Pop up Banners
    • Trade Show Banners
    • Point of Sale Displays
  • Grommet Full Color Banners
    • Arena Advertising
    • Event Advertising
    • Retail Signage
  • Short Term Banners
    • Event Signs
    • Temporary Signage
  • Static Cling Window Decals
These are just some of the opportunities and markets you have to explore. What do you use digital solvent media for?

Author: Aaron Montgomery

I have been in the garment decorating industry since 1999, and have worked with many small businesses to help them make money and improve their marketing and sales. I love helping small businesses as I have been involved with or had my own small business since I was a teenager. In my free time, I enjoy volleyball, bowling and spending time with my sons. I have lived in St. Louis since 2010 by way of Boston, Colorado Springs and most major cities in Arizona. Aaron also delivers a bi-weekly Podcast called "2 Regular Guys" with industry friend Terry Combs. You can catch it at 2 Regular Guys.