Chevron: A New Angle on Designer Heat Transfer Vinyl

chevron_newAs all of you already know, Coastal likes to stay hip with the newest fashions and designs that are currently on the market! Can you guess what the new, hot pattern is this year? KIDDING. This is not a test so I won’t make you guess, I’ll just tell you – it’s CHEVRON! I can almost guarantee you’ve seen this print, even if the word “Chevron” sounds completely foreign to you. It’s everywhere, probably because it has such an eye-appealing look! It looks great on clothing, accessories, and just about anything else you can heat press. Now, as if this fashion advice I gave wasn’t good enough news, I have better…we now have Chevron Heat Transfer Vinyl IN STOCK! In multiple colors I might add!

Now, I know what you’re thinking… this vinyl looks awesome on the roll, but is it really going to look that good on a small design on my shirt? As the background design on a bag? The answer is YES.

And while I’m reading your mind, the next question you are going to ask is…is it meant more for small intricate designs, or big all over coverage designs on an item? The answer is BOTH. This print has a very simple, clean, contemporary look to it. Which in turn, can make any plain Jane item into an eye catching fashion statement. And who wouldn’t want that?!

Probably the best news out of it all, is how easy this vinyl is to work with! Produced by one of the leading vinyl companies in the business, Chemica Hot-Mark makes adding a little flare to your items easy as always! With the same cut and press instructions as the other vinyl they offer, all you need is a vinyl cutter, weeding tool, and a heat press to get the job done. The self-adhesive carrier backing makes the material simple to peel and weed, as well as staying in place during pressing.

Of course after you jazz up your shirt with some Chevron vinyl, you don’t have to worry about only wearing it when you have somewhere to go, or someone to impress. You can rock this shirt everyday if you so choose!… Okay, well maybe not every day…but washing is nothing to stress about! All it takes is turning it inside out and cold water, and you’re good to go. It is also dryer friendly as long as you are at a normal heat setting.

With all this being said, the toughest decision you are going to be faced with is which color to choose from. Oh no wait… we already solved that problem with the 1 yard rolls! Perfect for small orders, trying a specific color for a sample, or when 5 yards is just a little too much.

And before you ask that last question… Yeah, we’re that good.

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  1. Hi currently I am using heat transfers, but not satisfied as it gives paper effect on t-shirts, also not appealing to clients. Recently heard about printable Vinyl, limited info available, would be helpful how & what would be ideal for ink jet printer for t-shirts printing business

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