New Product: Premier Ceramic Tiles Available in Multiple Finishes!

Coastal Business Supplies is excited to add their new Premier ceramic tiles to their expanding line of sublimation blanks. These ceramic tiles feature a thicker substrate base, as well as a stronger coating that is extremely durable and can withstand normal non-abrasive cleaning as well as longterm UV exposure safely in standard indoor conditions. These beautiful tiles are perfect for the decorative display of your fine art and photographic prints, as the thicker coatings offers the best fine detail reproduction, color vibrancy, and longevity. Plus, EXCLUSIVELY in the Premier Line, we are able to offer the specially enhanced Glow-in-the-Dark tiles, which are absolutely perfect for special events, holidays, parties!

Take a moment and check out our new offering in the Premiere ceramic tiles, view our more affordable ceramic tile options, or dive into something new with hardboard photo tiles!

T-Shirt Varieties…So Many Choices!

So, I was handed a magazine today to read a particular story. The model on the front cover caught my eye, since he had such nice eyes himself, then inside he was modeling several different types of shirts and I thought, with all these options… hey, wait! I think I have my next blog!

There are so many t-shirts out there, how do you find the right one? I know everyone has asked this question at least once if you work in any of the t-shirt printing industries.

Decades ago, there was only one – it was white and meant for wearing underneath other clothing as a, let’s say… undergarment. There wasn’t much of a decision to be made on which shirt to buy, but when Hanes introduced its t-shirts to the imprintable sportswear industry in 1970, that all began to change. Continue reading “T-Shirt Varieties…So Many Choices!”