New Product: EXOstencil Screen Prep Paper Sheets

We’re thrilled to announce that Coastal Business Supplies now stocks EXOstencil Screen Prep Paper Sheets by Neenah Paper Inc. to help accommodate your screen printing needs!

These innovative sheets provide a quick and chemical-free solution to combat all of the costs and time involved in preparing screens the traditional way.

Less Money, Less Time

Making and reclaiming screens can be a tedious, expensive and time-consuming process requiring specialty equipment and costly chemicals. With its patented weed-free two paper technology, the EXOstencil Screen Prep Paper eliminates the need for high-priced emulsion and the hours of time required for coating and drying screens. Once you’re familiar with the two step application process, you can make new screens in as little as five minutes using the same equipment that you most likely already have in your screen printing shop.

The EXOstencil Prep Paper does not require any special ink or setup to achieve brilliant results. It has been tested and certified for use with plastisol, water-based, UV and conventional solvent-based inks.

The major benefits of the EXOstencil Screen Prep Paper include:

·      Faster screen prep time (no drying required)
·      Quicker production turnaround
·      Chemical-free process
·      Compatibility with all laser printers
·      Elimination of costly chemicals, emulsion and equipment
·      Reduction of labor required in manufacturing new screens
·      No new equipment necessary!

Helpful Tips & Tricks

Ready to start printing? Here are some tips to keep in mind when using EXOstencil Screen Prep Paper:

·      Creating screens using this process is appropriate for mesh counts ranging between 85-230.

·      Designs requiring three ink colors or less work best with the EXOstencil Screen Prep Paper.

·      Images containing halftones or gradients are not ideal for printing with the EXOstencil Screen Prep Paper – artwork with solid outlines will produce the best results.

·      Registering multiple screens for one design can be difficult, so it’s a good idea to include registration tick marks when creating your negative stencil to reduce the time you spend aligning your artwork on press (but don’t forget to tape them off before printing!).

·      Industry professionals have tested the durability of screens created using the EXOstencil Screen Prep Paper and found that (depending on the artwork) the screens can last for up to 250 consecutive prints without breaking down. That being said, it’s always a good idea to keep your eye out for any signs of screen breakdown as you are printing.

·      If you discover breakdown, pin-holes or blemishes in your screen at any point, you can block out those areas with tape to stop the additional ink from seeping through the screen (just like you would with the registration tick marks).

Ready to save money on screen prepping? Contact our professional services department to learn more about the benefits of screen printing with the EXOstencil Screen Prep Paper. Our team of pros will give you the insight and assistance to help your shop succeed. Give us a call now: 800 562-7760

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