Small Format vs. Wide Format Sublimation

Wide format sublimation is defined by using any printer that is 42” and wider. Small Format is considered any printer that is smaller than 42”. Digital sublimation printing and transfer is the same whether you use small format or wide format printers to make your transfers. You can still print the huge myriad of substrates with either process.

Small Format:

Ricoh GX7000 small format sublimation printer.

Current Ricoh printer models that are supported for small format printing are Ricoh GX 7000 and the Ricoh GXe3300N. Epson printer models that are supported for small format sublimation are the Epson C88+, Epson Workforce 30, Epson Workforce 1100, Epson 1400, Epson R1900, and the Epson 4880. Deciding which printer is right for your business depends on your budget and the size and quantity of the sublimation transfers. Continue reading “Small Format vs. Wide Format Sublimation”

So you want to sublimate the entire garment?

All you need to do is buy a large printer, a large heat press, inks, and paper. Sounds simple enough, right?

A full sublimation tshirt

Well, it is simple but there are a few things you need to consider when you decide to take the BIG step into wide format garment decoration.

The first and most important question: what is your market and can you create the demand for your unique products in your market to justify the expense and time to learn the production process? What will separate you from the other guys? Will the addition of wide format sublimation add the extra revenue to justify your investment? I am not going to get into the marketing in this blog, but you know your business and customers better than anyone so get that business and marketing plan together so you can realize the extra profits from your new garment decoration capability. Continue reading “So you want to sublimate the entire garment?”