Location, location, location!

“Your name is Coastal Business Supplies, but you’re located in Missouri?!”

I know, I know.  We hear it all the time. We’re called “Coastal” so of course a lot of folks think “Oh, they’re on the coast.”  I wish we were on the coast somewhere soaking up the sun, but we’re not.  We’re nestled here in the fabulous town of St. Louis, MO – right smack dab in the middle of the country, which is great for transit times. Continue reading “Location, location, location!”

On the Road Again….

Have you ever noticed how many trade shows Coastal Business Supplies attend? This year we will be displaying our products at 11. In the month of March alone, Coastal appeared at three separate shows! Besides the extensive list of shows we plan to participate in, our management will attend many more just to view new products to see what may appeal to our customers. Continue reading “On the Road Again….”