How many prints can YOU get out of your ink cartridge?

Trying to identify how many prints you can get out of a single ink cartridge or bulk ink system is a difficult and challenging task. There are definitely too many variables to just throw a number out there. So, here is an equation to help find the approximate number of prints you can get out of a cartridge. Continue reading “How many prints can YOU get out of your ink cartridge?”

The Basics of ArTainium and Sublijet Ink

Questions regarding the difference between the ArTainium and Sublijet brands of sublimation ink are asked continuously. So, here’s a simple explanation to differentiate between the two… Continue reading “The Basics of ArTainium and Sublijet Ink”

Heat Transfer Paper vs. Sublimation

If you are just entering the wonderful world of t-shirt making and personalized garments, you may be asking which is better – heat transfer or sublimation? Unfortunately, there’s no easy answer, but, hopefully, this blog will help you decide which is best for you.

Heat transfer is the process of printing onto special transfer paper and using a heat press or home iron to transfer it onto a shirt. Heat transfer is a similar process as direct-to-garment or screenprinting, but does not carry the same high cost or messy set up. Much like the old iron-ons you could buy at craft stores or Wal-Mart, these transfers are kind of like to stickers, meaning the image will lie on top of the shirt and has a different texture than the surrounding material. Unlike those old iron-ons, these are professional-quality transfers. The color, feel and durability far surpass the old Star Wars logo (see picture) on your brother’s old shirt. Depending on the type of transfer you choose, you can customize the softness, the vibrancy of color, the gloss and the thickness of the background. Though a heat press isn’t required for heat transfer, it is highly recommended. Continue reading “Heat Transfer Paper vs. Sublimation”