Incorporating Everyday Ideas into your New Business

     More and more unemployed people will start home-based businesses in the next few years. With the help of tools like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many other networking sites, it has become easier to take on what used to be such a daunting and risky task.
     As an employee of Coastal Business Supplies for 15 years, I’ve seen a lot of trends come and go. I’ve seen items and strategies fizzle out over time and have also seen the silliest little items become our biggest sellers. So, I’ve put together a little list of ideas that I think can get your name out there, get new customers to help you grow, and get you some money in your newly founded business. And, if you’re anything like me, you think money is a “good thing”!! 

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Reasons to Purchase from Coastal Business Supplies

Coastal Business Supplies has recently hired a new Sales Manager. Well, the new guy thought we should start a blog and almost all of the employees should submit something. I did not agree. I was starting to spend more time looking for reasons why I should not have to do it. But, if you have ever met me, then you know I always have something to say. So, here it goes… Continue reading “Reasons to Purchase from Coastal Business Supplies”

So you want to sublimate the entire garment?

All you need to do is buy a large printer, a large heat press, inks, and paper. Sounds simple enough, right?

A full sublimation tshirt

Well, it is simple but there are a few things you need to consider when you decide to take the BIG step into wide format garment decoration.

The first and most important question: what is your market and can you create the demand for your unique products in your market to justify the expense and time to learn the production process? What will separate you from the other guys? Will the addition of wide format sublimation add the extra revenue to justify your investment? I am not going to get into the marketing in this blog, but you know your business and customers better than anyone so get that business and marketing plan together so you can realize the extra profits from your new garment decoration capability. Continue reading “So you want to sublimate the entire garment?”